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  • I'm stoked it's finally here

    45 50.56%
  • Nice to have... Not a big deal for me

    39 43.82%
  • Who cares?/ better of with out it

    5 5.62%
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    For me it's nice to have. I'm not a big gamer, and I can't say I've come across many sites where I needed Flash up till now.
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    It's probably realisticaly not going to make a dramatic impact on my life or anything, but I am still really stoked to know that it's on the way.
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    need larger screen and faster processor to effectively use flash
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    Quote Originally Posted by protofa View Post
    need larger screen and faster processor to effectively use flash
    And you've already tried it on your Pre? How does it work? We're all eager to know...
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    I need it for Mafia Wars on Facebook.
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    What I cant do < What I can do
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    So upon driving home from a meeting last night, I made the stop at my local sprint store ( was closing in an hour so i had plenty of time) I went straight for the EVO. And the first site i went to , It was really beautiful to see a game pop up and it was fun, than i went and watched a few quick videos and saw a few flash sites that looked very nice. Lastly before i left, I went to myspace and typed in any artist , their page loaded, any flash sections were full flash and the music bar loaded. I click on a song and it started playing very clear and nice. I left, and took out my pre and said its ok dude u'll soon have all that !!! So thats why i can't wait for flash
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