Hi everyone!

iCopter 2.2 is out Theorically it should fix the lag problem brought by 2.1. (i can't test it since i don't have a webOS device )
It also add a new game mode (throttle mode) and some other little features!

Please let me know if it still lag for you

For those who don't know the app :
iCopter it's a game where you are driving an helicopter in a cave : you press the screen to go up, and release it to go down. You need to avoid block that appears in the middle of the screen, but you earn more points if you come very close to them. Your goal is to beat your highscore.

The main features of the iCopter (available for pre/pixi in french and english) are :
-Customizable speed
-Different gaming mode including bonus and endurance mode
-Very complete help section
-Customizable field (color, block size, striped or not, rounded middle blocks...)
-You can choose helicopter size, bonus size and other options
-You can unlock trophy by taking up challenges
-You can see your trophy in hall of fame
-You can unlock new features such as new gaming mode or new helicopter style by earning trophy

Voilą! Every feedback, question, or suggestion is welcomed