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    I really enjoy this app. Now I don't have to steal my kids Touch for an iTunes remote! I do have a request though. On the Touch, there is an option to choose what speakers the iTunes will be played through. I have several different Airport Express's which I stream music to: pool, garage, etc. On the Touch I can select which destination I want, and change it on the fly. Currently, with the pre remote, I have to select it on the computer I'm running iTunes from.

    This certainly is not a big deal, but it would be handy to be able to do this from the pre.

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    glad you like the app.

    I'd definitely like to add the speakers feature at some point. I'm currently limited by two things

    1) I don't have any remote speakers to test with
    2) I don't think that part of the API has been figured out yet

    neither of these are insuperable - but it probably won't happen soon!

    glad you like the app nonetheless!
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