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    I emailed the support email to see if they are bringing it to webos. Everyone else should email them too!
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    so...what is the itunes link for??
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    it's a link to the app..... Did you even look at it?


    got this response.

    Hello Jon,

    Thank you for your interest in our application. Unfortunately, we do not have a compatible version for WebOS, though we hope to have one* in the future. Would you like to be notified when this is available? In the meantime, you can use our search feature on the web at

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    So I found these guys on twitter, follow @sound_hound

    If anyone is interested in getting a WebOS version made, follow them on twitter and direct message or @ reply them. They do listen and they are considering making a WebOS Sound Hound app.
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    They may have given you a nice public-relations response, but I'm fairly certain that such an application is not technically possible until Palm releases the version (as yet un-numbered) of webOS that includes the application programming interface (API) for the microphone.
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    +1. Even so, I have sent them a message. I miss this type of app like the one from my old java sony ericsson which I used quite a lot!
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    Will webos 2.0 allow an app like this to run on the pre?

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