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This app is an interface to Yahoo! Answers. The first thing I noticed was that it was very well done, and looked pretty. As a developer I looked at the Y! Answers API and was disappointed to see that there was no write access available. The developer, Kuhlfire, put in about 90% of the functionality that the API offered. I wonder if Yahoo! will allow write access one day so people can login and post questions from their phone.

I downloaded the newest version tonight 1.5.4, and there newest feature was able to save questions as favorites for quick viewing. Some other notable features are:

1. Tapping on header to scroll to top (seen on alot of high quality apps)
2. Tapping on a username to view the questions by that user
3. Search options! There are many search options, can even get questions in different languages.

One feature I would love to see next is the ability to text/email a question. Whether it be the full questions with answers or a link to the Y! Answers page.

I highly suggested downloading this app before it becomes paid. No it doesn't replace Google search, but it's good for getting opinions on topics that may be subjective, not to mention a high entertainment factor.

Here are some screenshots from the latest update:

Download Link: Get Answers (Y! Answers) Download for FREE