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    when I try to install pandora it says this app isnt available in my country. I'm from the UK.

    Are there any decent alternatives for me? I've got broadCAST radio, which has some awesome channels, but would like the flexibility to create my own channel and stuff like pandora offers..
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    Unfortunately Pandora is restricted in the UK and has been for a long time. The obvious alternative would be Spotify, but as I'm sure you know it's not available for WebOS yet.

    In terms of the apps available to us through WebOS there's really no good alternative. There are a handful of general radio streaming apps, but it's not the same at all.

    Hang on tight and maybe we'll get something cool soon. But I wouldn't hold your breath for Pandora - licensing laws are really strict when it comes to this stuff.
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    Slacker is awesome, but might have same issues as Pandora.
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    I use Grooveshark quite a bit... not usre if it's available in the UK though.
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    Radiotime lets you add any shoutcast station you want. Have tried UberRadio you can import your radio stations to that one.

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