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  • I love Yelp, I write reviews, I chat in Talk, give me a better Yelp app!

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  • I use Yelp occasionally mostly just to read reviews. The current app is fine.

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  • I've never used Yelp but I might check it out if I there was more functionality in the app.

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  • I don't like Yelp, or I use a different community for reviews.

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    Who do we have to bribe to get a real Yelp app?

    I use the WebOS Yelp app when I'm out to find things to do. It's one of my favorite apps. However, I'm also a very active member of the Yelp community. I'm on the 2010 Yelp Elite Squad (Nate M.'s Reviews | Hilliard | Yelp). I want to be able to access the forums on Yelp, check in, and write reviews from anywhere.

    It's irritating that the iPhone always gets a full, robust, awesome app and we get a dumbed down version with barely any functionality. That's happened with several apps I've noticed (Yelp, Foursquare, Flixster, the list goes on). We need the developer community to stand behind the WebOS community and give it its due. Put the same effort behind it that you do for iPhone.
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    I use yelp to find places to eat and sometime i just wanna write a review right then. I think yelp should be updating their app. developers community has nothing to do with it.
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    I'm hoping a developer would be able to make his own Yelp app. It's been done with Foursquare (Kickball), and there are lots of Netflix apps. Yelp's developers, whoever they are, are part of the developer community. Either way Yelp needs to update their app and realize not everybody is on an iPhone. Besides look at the width and breadth of the iTunes store and then look at the app catalog for WebOS and tell me you think the developer community is behind us like they are the iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    For practically every app there are about 30 potential users of iOS apps for every 1 user of webOS apps. There are also that many more competitors for iOS apps. So, logic would dictate that allocate your efforts/resources accordingly to reach the widest audience you can and to stay ahead of the competition.
    Yes I think we all realize that's why everyone develops for iPhone but thanks for reminding us yet again about how great the iPhone is because you know we don't hear that enough. We need to be reminded sometimes.

    This thread is about getting a better Yelp app.
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    I started a thread about this very topic. Trouble is, its reach is limited to the Columbus, Ohio area. But I have not gotten any responses yet:

    WebOS Yelp app | Columbus | Yelp

    Here's another thread on a similar topic:

    Awesome Yelp Augmented Reality | Columbus | Yelp

    And yet another:

    I would like for my iPhone Yelp app to allow me to... | Gahanna | Yelp
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    I'm with you. The problem with Yelp is they seem to contract out the development for their app on each mobile device. The experience is not at all uniform from device to device and that makes for a poor showing. Yelp! should strive to release the features available on their flagship iPhone app across the board on all mobile devices.
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    For developers, there is no way to access Yelp data without being limited by how many requests the app can send, which means that 100 users would probably max it out.

    Now, the yelp app can be easily reverse engineered and use their key to build one, but someone needs to do the work.
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    I've never used Yelp. I briefly looked at them, but at the time, they wouldn't even let you look at their API to see what you could do with them, without sending them your app design first.
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