I ran into an issue today when attempting to purchase an app through the App Catalog on my Sprint Palm Pre. After selecting the option to purchase and working through the various confirmation messages, I received an error that simply stated "Purchase Failed". When I tapped the error notification, it explained that I needed to update the Expiration Date for my credit card. At first I couldn't figure out where I needed to go to do this (Palm profile? Sprint account? Somewhere else?). I finally figured out what was happening and how to fix it (this may be obvious to most people, but some of us are still figuring this thing out).

The App Catalog on your phone stores encrypted credit card info. When the card expiration date runs out, here's what you have to do:

1. On your Palm Pre (or Palm Pixi), open the App Catalog.

2. Go into "Preferences and Accounts".

3. Re-enter your entire credit card number (it only shows asterisks, so if you don't re-enter, it doesn't see a valid card number when you try to submit it--this has to do with how your card number is protected via encryption).

4. Select the card expiration date from the month and year drop-down lists.

5. Scroll (slide) down and tap "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.

And viola! Back in business.

Anyway--I thought this may help in case someone else runs into this issue.

- ToBeAMan

PS: Happy Father's Day to all you dads and father figures out there.