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    I just purchased the full version of VLC Player. It's working great on my PC with Windows 7 except for the fact that I can't access "My Videos" folder. I can access the files under the public user folder but I am unable to access the folders under my account. I've tried sharing "My Videos" folder but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    purchased VLC remote I hope! (VLC Player is free)

    the post is a little confusing, but I guess you are saying that the remote can't see your 'my videos' folder

    I don't know win7 well - so hopefully others will chime in.

    I do know that VLC doesn't follow file/folder aliases - so if the my videos folder isn't a 'real folder', then you may have to browse to the real location to find your content.

    another thing that often works is to map the folder to a drive letter (then wait a bit). You should then see the new 'drive' in the drives list in the remote.

    let us know how that goes...
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    Yes, I meant VLC Remote. I was able to find the folder through mapping the drive letter. Thank you.

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