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    So here is the deal: and is great website and service. I've been using this site for almost a year now to manage my money from one central location and to track my expenses. It Works. However, I've always wished there was an easier way to access my account while on the go. Seeing they had an iPhone app, I figured it was only a matter of time before they released one for Android and Palm. That was about a year ago. They've released an app for Android but still no Palm.

    I'm sure you or someone you know use Mint on a regular basis. My goal is to let Mint know that Palm webOS is here to stay and that there are enough users and potential users for its service on Palm phones.

    I've tweeted the following phrase and Palm actually did a retweet. We all need to retweet this and follow the link to Mint's forum. In the forum you can click the "I like this idea" button to vote:

    RT @palm: Want it? Weigh in! RT @Eb_Will: Mint App for Palm. Develop app for Palm WebOS phones. @palm @precentral #palmpre #webos @mint

    Lets do this guys I'm sure all of you would like a more efficient way to save up for that new Palm C40 or HP Hurricane.
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    ALSO, send support requests to them directly, do not rely on the passive means like the forum. I sent one earlier today regarding a webOS app and am waiting for a response. I sent one yesterday about adding users to the account, like your spouse, which use the same account.

    I had been using which DOES have a webOS app. Though it is a decent application, I like the way actually attaches to my bank and I am not a fan of how clearcheckbook does split transactions at the moment.

    I just joined yesterday, so maybe I won't like splits there yet either, shall see.
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