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    The Engadget isn't loading for me either on wifi or on network. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it; still nothing. All I get is "failed to load requested page". I also checked for any app updates for it; again, still nothing. I have no patches or tweaks on my launch day (Sprint) Pre. Any ideas?? Thanks!
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    I'm having the same problem here!!!! Com on engadget! Get it together!
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    Same issue of my favorite apps.

    Sorta related...if you go to their full site via your Pre's browser, does the page keep auto-refreshing? On mine it does and hence use the app instead (much better anyway). Is there a way to disable the auto-refresh? Frustrating.
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    The feed must be down...

    The same thing happened a few weeks ago. Oh well. Although, when searching Google I don't see any evidence that the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app is not working.
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    Same issue here.
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    me 2
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