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    What I think would make this app gold is the ability for multiple palm pres to connect to one itunes account and then would be able to browse all the songs individually and vote on the next song to play in the playlist queue. Do it please!! You would make my life.

    I actually thought you'd be able to do this, but it messes up when you try to connect two pres.

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    for remote for itunes of course
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    that's a really interesting idea. Would be a lot of fun (if you have a bunch of friends with pre's!)

    -not sure if the iTunes api supports that though..
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    I know! I went to a party where everyone had iphones and ipod touches and they all browsed the host's library of thousands of great songs and casted their votes for the next song to play, all songs voted upon got added to the playlist queue and were played in the order of most voted upon, if votes tied, then whichever song was requested first. Its called "iTunes DJ". It adds a reaaalllyy fun aspect to any party where itunes is used for the party music (which i've found is a LOT of parties.)

    Of course, these are Apple products and have just about unlimited APIs and no barriers, but I'm sure it's possible somehow. Is there a way to check? What if it was a homebrew test version of the app with the feature first (is possible)? Or would that not make a difference?
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    WAIT! There may be a way to do it. Its already in itunes under playlists. just click "itunes dj". You can change the settings from there to allow the remote app to work with it. The limitations now are: only one pre can control it, but multiple iphones can control it, and that you can only change the song. It needs a button that can somehow tie into the "like" command in itunes dj. Here's an excerpt from wikipedia:
    Party Shuffle was renamed iTunes DJ in iTunes 8. When iTunes was updated to 8.1 quite a few features were added to iTunes DJ. The free Apple Remote application for the iPhone and iPod Touch was also update at this time that added a new iTunes DJ option in the settings screen when the user is connected to a Wi-Fi network and a new song request feature is enabled in iTunes DJ on the hosts. Along with the song request feature voting on songs in the queue was added, the more votes a song gets the high in the queue it will be and sooner it will be played. Song voting can only be done when song requesting is enabled and in two ways: the first by right clicking on a song in the iTunes DJ queue on the hosts computer in iTunes, the second is in the Remote application ether connected with the iTunes DJ option by a guest or by the host in the full playlist section. When song requesting is enabled a customizable welcome message is displayed below the host's shared library name in the button used to connect to iTunes DJ.
    Also from itunes help file:
    To create an iTunes DJ live mix:

    Below Playlists, click iTunes DJ.

    To select a specific playlist (instead of your library) for the live mix, choose an option from the Source pop-up menu at the bottom of the iTunes window.

    To change the number of played or upcoming songs you want to see in the playlist, click Settings.

    To change the order or add new songs, drag them. To delete a song, select it and press Delete.

    While you're playing an iTunes DJ mix, you can use the Remote application on your iPhone or iPod touch to request songs. You can also allow guests to request songs to play, and to vote on songs. Voting affects when and whether a song plays.

    You can download the Remote application from the iTunes Store:

    Open the Remote application page in the iTunes Store
    To allow guests to request songs:

    On the left side of the iTunes window, click iTunes DJ (under Playlists).

    Click Settings (at the bottom of the window).

    In the iTunes DJ Settings window, select "Allow guests to request songs with Remote for iPhone and iPod touch."

    To allow guests to vote on songs, select Enable Voting.

    To require guests to enter a password before they can make a request or vote, select "Require password" and type the password.

    To customize the message guests see when they join your party, type in the Welcome Message area.
    To request songs using Remote:

    On your iPhone or iPod touch, tap Settings and choose the host's Wi-Fi network.

    Tap Remote to open the Remote application.

    Tap the iTunes DJ name to join the party. If the host has required a password, type it.

    To request a song, tap "Request a Song" and then tap the song.

    To vote on a song in the iTunes DJ mix, tap it and then tap Like It or Dislike It.
    Do you think its possible to somehow get this app to communicate with itunes in this way?
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