ok. so you guys might remember me snitching and trolling round the forums for a free wordpress app, since all the other wordpress apps (official) are free for iphone, blackberry, and android.
so i emailed wordpress asking them about it and they sent me an email reply with a suprising response. btw, i asked the question about 3 hours before gettinh the reply, which was, IMHO, pretty darn fast.

here's the email:

> I was just wondering if by any chance the Wordpress developers are in
> any way thinking of making a Wordpress application for webOS
> smartphones. Unfortunately, we have none that are worthwhile, let
> alone free, and I personally would love an official Wordpress app. I
> feel really left out as a consumer of both this blog site, and of
> Palm's webOS, and I'm quite possibly considering exporting my blog to
> another site that does supported by my app catalog, because your
> developers, by the looks of it, only care about the more popular
> platforms.

Hi Chris,

As a fellow Palm user myself I'd also like a webOS WordPress app. It's
something that we do track user requests for so while I cannot guarantee
anything we do take all user suggestions into account. Thanks for sending this
along and I'm adding it to our ongoing list.

If you have any other questions just let me know.



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lolWUT. that was soo coincidental for me to query about a webOS wordpress app, and get a webOS user.
hopefully this means production.
besides, android and webOS are akin to linux, and webOS is just HTML, javascript, etc so it shouldn't be THAT hard for devs.