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    Quote Originally Posted by treogangsta View Post
    I think I'm done with my shopping spree till the pdks come out.

    I bought real tennis, hero of spara, let's golf, dungeon hunter, sandstorm, oregon trail, castle of magic, hawx, brothers in arms 1 and 2, nova, blades of fury, asphalt5, uno, wobble words, shrek kart, nfl 2010, the sims 3, assassins, avatar,paratrooper, gangstar,

    youview, istayfit

    I would have bought classic but it's not half off and i'm not paying full price if kinoma and slingplayer don't work on it.
    Damn! I had to hold off on PDK apps because I ran out of space.
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    I bought Jump O Clocks, SkyClimber, Asphalt 5, Notes, and Cloud Hopper cuz of the 50% off. Great apps. I'm especially liking Notes!
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    I bought notes for day 2! inglorious apps developer is one of the developers with good support.

    you should think about that in your purchases. Good developer support means better chances of growth for the app you purchase ergo better "investment"
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    I just grabbed Newsroom, the fantastic News Reader app, works amazing! I was able to add my favorite sites from RSS feeds like /Film and Aintitcoolnews, I definitely recommended buying Newsroom for $2.50!
    Drove 3 hours to buy my Palm Pre on day one.
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    I bought NOVA, Newsroom, and MyQ. Newsroom is amazing, way better than free feed apps!
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    Wow -- now's my chance to save $10 each on all of those language apps from UltraLingua that I've been wanting for so long!!
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    Monopoly and Wi-fi Media Sync are definitely worth buying now. Though I do warn the Sprint Pre users contemplating it, I have a Plus model so I have not ran into any problems, but I did read a bunch a problems about the game freezing up occasionally in the comments. These people most likely had the original Pre.
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    Bought Jump o'Clock and Ancient Frog so far. Both are very impressive.
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    So far I've bought:

    Dictionary Pro ($0.50)
    Uberradio ($0.50)
    Defensive Warfare ($1.25)
    Congress ($2.50)
    FlightView ($2.50)
    VLC Remote ($2.48)
    What's for Dinner Premium ($2.50)
    Dropboxify ($1.50)
    YouView Visual Voicemail ($2.00)

    Can't beat a good sale.

    Update: Just picked up Pixelpipe Uploader ($0.50).
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    Anyone use any of the shopping list apps? Any preferred?
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    Thanks for the NewsRoom tip. I had never heard about it.

    It's fantastic.
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    I picked up:
    WeatherBug Elite
    DOF Calculator
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    Nothing for the UK

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    I got:
    Ancient Frog

    Nice Sale. I might get Shopping List, I hear it's good.
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    I bought Wobble Words and Guitar Hero. This is in addition to the four new apps I bought on the Pre's Bday and the gazillion I already had (both App Cat and HomeBrew. I'll keep watching for new stuff that I might be interested in.
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    Grabbed SportsLiveApp and Youview today... great deals!!

    Having trouble getting the google voice verification email to come through for youview though.
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    I also got SportsLive and actionmate Pro! Love them!
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    So far, I've picked up:

    - GPS Trip Panel
    - Note To Self
    - Ancient Frog
    - News Room


    - Radio Hibiki
    - Solitaire Collection
    - Dealert
    - Rockus Sound Machine
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    I bought:

    -wifi media sync
    -more stocks
    -asphalt 5
    -more stocks
    -jump o'****
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Anyone use any of the shopping list apps? Any preferred?
    For a combination of recipes and being able to add the ingredients to a shopping list I have been enjoying heck out of "Whats For Dinner" for the past 10 days or so. Nice little app. (Didn't get it on sale). It now has 9 of the best (dot com only) recipe sites available to search - the latest addition was which has a surprisingly good section on outdoor cooking/BBQ.

    Today I have added a few more Apps to sate my insane hunger, (read scratching my App itch). <grin>

    - ActiveCard 2.0 (I simply wanted to take a look)
    - BBQ Timer (50 cents may have been too much)
    - Flasher (Yeah, I know, dumb - but might come in handy somehow, somewhere, some day)
    - Super Contacts Plus (Have been wanting to look @ it for a while now)
    - Outline Tracker (Another I've been wanting to have for a while after the pre| review. At $9.88 not sure if I got a deal, but shoot I was on a roll).

    I also snagged a copy of the latest version of "Comics" - Free - but plan to donate for this one after looking at the older version for the past week. Its in the Palm Catalog app now and I'm pretty sure the old version needs to be removed via Preware before getting the newer one, AND before the upcoming WebOS update.

    Edited: I went back and grabbed just one more:

    - Done! (For Toodledo - this after seeing the rapid updates by the author and recent positive reports in associated threads here).
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