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    before this sale I only bought a few games. I liked them all.
    super ko boxing 2
    mini golf wacky worlds
    World series of poker: hold'em legend

    I would recommend any of these. but if you're on a limited budget for the amount you can spend on games. check youtube for app reviews. just about all these games were on iphone first and most have reviews
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMatrix31 View Post
    Is Monopoly or Scrabble worth it?
    I have both of these. I didn't recommend Scrabble because, well, playing against the computer gets a little boring, honestly. I like word games and the apps is well designed, but seriously, the computer beats me every time. I mean, if you're a really good, pro player or you have people to Pass 'n' Play with, it'd be better, but I'm not.

    For Monopoly, I'm in the middle of a game now. They take a while, but so far I am liking it more than Scrabble playing against computer players. There are a lot of complaints in the App Catalog about freezing (due to memory issues, I guess), but I have the F102 kernel installed and it runs smooth. The music's terrible, though! But the graphics are nice and a lot of the options are in, auctioning. At this point, I would recommend it if you like Monopoly. I don't really see a quick way to review your properties, but I've only been playing for about 20 minutes total.
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    the sale is ON now just bought tweetme to start the shopping spree

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjcarter View Post
    Any opinions on Tiger Woods vs Let's Golf??
    Tiger Woods (the game ) is ridiculously easy, like the console versions. You START OUT driving the ball 350 yards, and after improving my equipment, I hit it 400 yards or so. I've been playing in the PGA Tour mode, so I had a 4 day tournament. First day I shot 10 over as I got used to how it plays. At the end of the tournament I was 30 under par.

    Let's Golf is a little more difficult, and in some ways more realistic. You don't hit the ball nearly as far, for example. A good drive is more like 270-280 yards. And despite the 'cutesy' visuals, it honestly looks a lot better.

    That being said, there's a lot to be said about playing the actual courses in Tiger Woods and having it be exactly like the console versions (albeit not as pretty).

    And the biggest difference is in the actual gameplay. Let's Golf uses a tap / meter mechanic. One tap starts the meter, another tap chooses power, then it goes back to the right for the accuracy part. (It also has an "advanced" option that requires swiping in a curved line, but that doesn't work nearly as well for it, in my opinion). Tiger's gameplay is exactly like the (non-motion) controls on the consoles, except touchscreen instead of joystick. You start at the top, bring your thumb down to the distance you want the ball to go, then swipe forward, and moving to the sides will cause draw or fade.

    Besides the fact that that sort of mechanic is more fun to me, with the occasional hiccup when the Pre is doing something in the background, the Tiger Woods controls work better. A hiccup in that means that your swing isn't registered (in my experience at least). A hiccup in Let's Golf can totally ruin the timing of your swing and put you in a bad lie. I find though, that if you do get some lag/unsmoothness, the best thing to do is let the meter bounce back and then wait again for it to approach where you want it to, rather
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    @jhoff80 Wow, thanks for the great overview. That was exactly what I was looking for. I went ahead and purchased Let's Golf.
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    Just got these:
    My Home Keyboard - Avner Arbel
    Notes - Inglorious Apps
    Glad That's Not Me - Hidden World Hut
    David and Goliath - Dijit
    Wobble Words - Gobico Games

    Had these and recommend them:
    GeoStrings - Hedami
    What's for Dinner - Snazzy Software
    Tweet Me - Catalyst Media Studios
    Dr Podder - Jamie Hatfield
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    Don't miss out on Sports Live! for only $3. It was already on sale, so the extra 50% can't be beat. Plus, you can win gift cards from Amazon or Best Buy, or other prizes by entering the Win Big with Sports Live! contest.
    Sports Live!: info | download
    Market Pulse HD: info | download

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    Anybody got Uno? Is It good?
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    Apps are not half price for me here in Canada on a Bell Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Anybody got Uno? Is It good?
    I bought Uno last week, it's okay, no one plays online tho
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    • Dealert - A great app for tracking product deals. Saved me over $300 already!
    • Ancient Frog - Fantastic PDK game.
    • Catchwords - An awesome take on the Catch Phrase game. A steal for $.99!
    • Newsroom - Best RSS reader on webOS.
    • TweetMe - Best Twitter app on webOS.
    • PowerNap - A wonderful nap timer that doubles perfectly for a regular timer.
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    Uno is cool when it first came out lots of people were online not so many now.
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    • Digloo - Only and best Digg app
    • Newsroom - Single-handly best app I have on my device. RSS reader that has WebOS notifications and renders each page nearly perfectly. If it doesn't, then you send a request for them to fix it.
    • ActiveCard - Cool app, try watching the demo video

    I'm serious when I say I cannot live without Newsroom...

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    Quote Originally Posted by newt45 View Post
    Any other recommendations? I would love to take advantage of this but I am not sure what to buy .
    1) Notes
    2) Ancient Frog
    3) Tweed

    - Inglorious Apps
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    Tonight I bought...

    -Let's Golf
    -Phone Favorites
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    Not only do we not get the 50% off, somebody just took a crap in the European catalog as well (recipes, quotes, etc.)...
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    just bought asphalt 5

    what next?

    this is really going to boost the app download move Palm.
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    D/led Wifi Media Sync w/ 2-Way-Sync for $2!

    Hope it was worth it
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    Quote Originally Posted by runukraine View Post
    D/led Wifi Media Sync w/ 2-Way-Sync for $2!

    Hope it was worth it
    Holy mother... I have to buy that app NOW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by circuitjc View Post
    Apps are not half price for me here in Canada on a Bell Pre.
    Same here, no 50% off in Canada I guess
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