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  • I want one please!

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  • I have never used it. But i will go to right now and get an account!

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    If you want one, i will make one. Just need to know that there will be a market before i put effort into crafting a beautiful piece of software loveliness
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    What will the app do exactly?
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    wow formspring is for guys that don't have the you know what to ask girls questions so sad.
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    So true. It's a waste of time for me..
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    I'd like one. And no that's not the only reason guys would use it. It would seem that way but I like being funny & just random. I vote for this app!!
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    okay cool ill get working.
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    I know a lot of girls who use it, so that's so not true.
    I do think it's quite stupid though.
    If you want to ask the person just do it, you don't need a website to do it for you.
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    Whatever happened with this? I was sooo excited and than it kinda disappeared. Lmao! I also think I spelled disappeared wrong. Lmao!
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    I would love to see a Formspring app if you desire to still make one!
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    I want one

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    I want one too
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    Sorry guys, i've got 4 apps on the go right now and I canned this app a long time ago. I think someone else might be making one or there may even be one in the catalog. I had personal issues with so I left the service anyway.
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