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    Hi all,
    Newbie here. I'm migrating from my Treo 680, after a long history with Palm devices. I've migrated many legacy programs before, but am faced with replacing many in the WebOS.

    One old but simple and simply effective program I've used is ListMaker 2.0.1, which I bought for about $20 in 2003.

    It allows me to create different databases (like going on vacation lists, Christmas lists, etc.). Each line has a check box and you can add sublists and sub-sublists, each with check boxes. Once all the subs are checked the master list is checked. Very simple, very easy, very effective.

    The closest I've found is Toodoodledo, but you only seem to be able to get sublists with an annual subscription of $15!!! This seems outrageously expensive to me, at least for what I need.

    I don't need to keep a master list with some entrepreneur in the sky...just something effective on my device. I didn't even have a program on the computer, although the lists did backup when I did a hot sync.

    Anyone with a suggestion? If not, is this something someone would like to create?

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    There are several list apps in the app catalog that might suit yoru need. if you download preware or appscoop you can access the beta feeds that have trial version of some of the list apps. Mylists might suit your needs. I use Done it accesses Toodooledo website I don't pay the annual fee though.
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    I looked at MyLists and it's not quite what I need. I'll try to take some photos of my program tomorrow and post them. I think it would be easier to show than to explain. But thanks for the suggestion!
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    Check out Notes

    - Inglorious Apps

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