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    Just released InContact in the App Catalog on Monday and wanted to give the PreCentral community a place to provide feedback, questions, and suggestions. Current version is Free so give it a try if you're interested.

    About InContact

    InContact enables you to quickly call, email, IM, or TXT your frequently used contacts with only 2 taps. Features include grid and list views of contact photos and names, draggable photos to reorder display, automatic or user-driven selection of phone number, IM name, or email address, and support for portrait and landscape display modes.

    Find it in the App Catalog by searching for InContact. Links to come when allowed by the forum

    For the homebrew and curious, the source code is available on the app's support page (accessible from the app catalog).

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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    Update to version 1.1.0 available! Latest version brings:

    * Added the ability to change the theme between the current default and 2 new themes - Blue Steel and Spring!
    * Added the ability to change the launcher icon from the default to a new phone icon!
    * Enhanced edit contact interface
    * Fixed drag and drop issues
    * Fixed render issues with advertisements
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    Version 1.2.1 was released earlier this week. Includes preference for name position and internationalization support, specifically translation to Spanish.
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    v1.3.1 has been released. Updates include:

    * Icons to launch the Palm contact apps (Dialer, Email, Messaging, Contacts)
    * Revised navigation
    * Ad Free!
    * Close on Dial (or any action)
    * "Driving Mode" option with larger icons that are easier to find and tap
    * Fix for "Unknown" contact in SMS or IM messages

    Questions/Issues? Let me know!
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    I'm very impressed with your application. I installed it today after having paid for two previous dialing applications. This one beats them all! I especially am impressed with the driving view. It provides something that makes it easy to dial without having to take my attention off the road.

    I have found one bug to report and one suggestion for improvement. It is obvious that you take great pride in providing an excellent product.

    The bug I found is that if you change the picture of a contact in the contact application, the picture goes away in your application. I suggest one of two things:
    1. Get the new picture for the contact when you start
    2. Provide an option to update the contact picture in your application
    Both options would be an improvement, but the first one would certainly be better.

    I have one suggestion for contacts which have multiple entries in any one dimension (for example a contact who has 3 phone numbers). Keep the app working as it does when just tapping the phone icon (call the default number), but if the user does a tap and hold, provide the user with a selection of the various phone numbers stored on the contact.

    Your application is excellent and I would be willing to pay for it as is. It would be even better if you could deal with the above two comments.

    Thank you for your diligence in providing such an excellent application.
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    Sorry for the delayed response but I appreciate the feedback. I plan to add an option to "update" a contact with the next release. I would prefer an automated solution but, as far as I can tell, such an option doesn't exist with webOS right now.

    Regarding an option for dialing, I plan to release a "Plus" version soon which will provide that feature. Instead of tap-and-hold, however, I plan to have an option to prompt rather than dial a specific number by default. The primary reason is that the tap-and-hold command is already in use for reordering contacts.

    Thanks again and glad you've found the app useful!

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    this is a very nice program.. You even managed to get a new text message to show up in the conversation view, and it works in 2.1! Only thing it is missing in my opinion is a way to set up a default for each contact.. So I can, for example, tap once on a contact to send a text message. Looks like this might have been added to the paid version, can you confirm that?

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