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    I have been using tweefree for the longest time when i came across this article by webosroundup

    it summarizes all the twitter clients available.

    The advantages of Spaz over tweefree are:
    1. you can add something when retweeting
    2. multiple card support
    3. Share tweets via SMS and email
    4. Nifty automatic text shortener
    5. Searches save to Twitter
    6. Timelines, direct messages, and replies in same window if desired

    Now for the question, i can't seem to make number 7 work!

    anyone having the same problem?
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    I asked spaz directly via twitter and this is what he told me

    "@johnj2803 you have to leave spaz running is a card. We don't support checking while closed (right now) /via @spaz"

    great product nonetheless!
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    Just downloaded Spaz. Looks like fun!

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