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    These are the apps I would like to see :
    1.) Pocket Quicken >> Able to sync with desktop

    2.) Datebk or Agendus >> Able to sync with desktop

    3.) Daily newspapers I can download and take with me like I did with AvantGo ...

    4.) Splash ID that syncs with the desktop

    Are these out there and I am just missing them or what.. Please guide me in the right direction..
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    don't know why you need app to read newspapers,,i have my 3 favs bookmarked in my browser and I read them all the time. Unless you don't like to gesture to make page bigger.
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    I work offshore and do not have a cell signal. I would like to be able to hook to the wifi connection and grab the daily news and take it with me..
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    There are several RSS readers. "NewsRoom" is a nice one.
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    No 4 is coming iianm

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