Hey guys, we released EasyDreams a couple weeks ago and would love to hear feedback/advice and anything else you all have!

Next update is being pushed soon with more white noises, fans, ability to add custom sounds and a more configurable timer! It will cost $1.99 so get it now for half price and upgrade free!

EasyDreams plays soothing sounds on your Palm Pre or Pixi. Enjoy relaxing nature sounds from around the world. Mix and match all of our high quality sounds to set your mood, start the timer and doze off. Plus, tap the alarm icon and have an alarm wake you from your nap!

Listen to birds signing in Wallace Falls, people chatting at a park in San Cristobal, a rainstorm in Taiwan, ocean waves in Taipei, a trickling stream in Greece, the chatter of a forest in Taipei, and a train passing near the woods in New Orleans.

We are open to requests for more sounds! Send us a message on twitter, @easydreamsapp.