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    Edit: I beat the level and have discovered why no one has responded to this thread: I'm only the 19th person to beat it. Woohoo!

    And now I can't beat level 14. Correction: I can't even get past wave 2. Aye yay yay!

    I've fully beaten easy and medium and am on level 13 (Disorderly Retreat) on Hard. For the life of me I cannot beat it. Ive freaking listed out the waves (what unit types, what side they show on, etc) and still cannot do this!

    Current plan:
    Wave 1: 2 APG on bottom of left side (LS) near loop to kill first wave of Jeeps, add a 3rd APG as soon as $30 is available and let the round end
    Wave 2: Add 4 ATG to the top right loop and 1 ATG to bottom right loop. Add 2 ATG to bottom left loop as soon as $15+$15 is available
    Wave 3: Add a few ATG (4 on bottom, 5 on top) and upgrade ATG guns just enough to kill tanks
    Wave 4: Upgrade a few APG and add an AAG to kill the gold planes.
    Wave 5: Add APG to right side and 2 near loop to kill Fast Trans vehicles
    Wave 6: Add 2 AAG to right side to kill gray planes and upgrade several APGs as it becomes available
    (I should have about $200 now)
    Wave7: Add stealth towers around to combat Fast stealth tanks

    Its at this point I get CRUSHED everytime. I can unstealth the whole map and upgrade everything but it seems to make no difference. Has anyone else beaten this level??
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    You've probably figured this out already, but it just recently occured to me...
    Only spend enough each round to kill everything, then buy in the 5s wait time.
    You can scout what is coming next, and you get a bit of interest.
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    Yep, I had a hard time until I realized that the secret is to upgrade guns before buying new ones, put your guns at the exit rather than the entrance so they can earn upgrades, plave guns where they can shoot at both roads, and be sure to use the "slow down gun" and AA guns strategically in the last few levels. All of I sudden it started working better or me...

    but I have to confess that I haven't tried it on a harder setting. I already wasted way too much time figuring it out on easy...
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    How the heck???

    'nuff said... tired... bleary-eyed... trying till 2:30 this a.m.

    Pretty decent game, too!!!

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    The EMP gun ("slow down gun") is not needed on any stage, at any level of difficulty. I find it to be counterproductive most of the time because it seems to make the APG less effective on slowed units but doesn't slow them enough to really let the ATGs go to town.
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    I'm tiring of this canyoning level. Please someone give some tips that work. I've gotten to wave 12 of this level but cannot complete it.

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