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    I'll be frank. I'm an ***** with how software works. What it takes to setup and create. And what limitation there are.
    Feel free to bash me all to hell over this.

    That said, on my Treo's and Centro I used a spiffy app called Resco Backup.
    It ported everything to my SD card and I could simply select the file I wished and restore my phone to that day. Bam. Instant simple. Right?

    So is WebOS that much different that a file cannot be saved and restored this way? Obviously the lack of an SD input hinders it, but if I had webspace or even USB thumbdrive access this would be nice.

    Unless I'm just missing how things work with what is already readily available?

    Help the ignorant here please.

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    There's a backup app in Preware that will save your data to the internal drive.

    Add in ZumoDrive from the App Catalog and you might be able to export the backup to the cloud.
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    well, here are a few comments:

    1. all App Catalog apps and any Palm Profile contacts/calendar/memos are backed up to you palm profile, so if you ever need to Doctor your phone or replace it, once you log in all your apps will be re-downloaded...

    2. Your USB Data is not backed up in the cloud. I connect my phone to my machine once a month and just make a copy of that data

    3. Any Apps or Patches downloaded via webOS Quick Install or Preware is NOT backed up. However,as mentioned on the previous post, there is an app in preware called "Save/Restore" that can help here. All you need to do is go in Preware, on the main page select "Save Packages List" and update your list every time you make an app/patch changes

    4. Save/restore will also save any saved data for your games/apps. However, this is only for apps supported by the save app...if you want more apps supported,go to the forum area for Save/restore and request the app. You may need to put up a bounty if it's a paid app so a developer can download the app themselves to create the script to save the data

    so, it's not as easy as resco or backup buddy, but it works nicely. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Adam and Marshalla.

    I do use the cloud and Save/Restore
    I was just kind of hoping and wondering that a more simplistic and complete option was available or could be created for more ease of use and on the go restoring like the old days.

    The main reason is I forget to re-update my save/restore so if something bricks my phone I'm going back much farther than planned etc. Maybe a timer for now is what's needed to get through.

    In either case thank you both for your responses and insight. Much appreciated.

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