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    I would like to request 2 features for the iPhone VLC Remote app;

    1) User defined skip distance adjustment

    This would be helpful in skipping episode intro scenes, especially when watching several episodes of the same show in one sitting. A lot of the time, the predefined skip distances either falls short, or shoots past the actual start of the episode. As a one time use, it's easy to ignore, but when used repeatedly it can be an annoyance.

    2) Scrolling text for longer title names

    This would be helpful in determining the difference between files that have the same beginning section, which fills the screen even in landscape, but have different end sections. As some file names are longer than what can currently be displayed by the app, it would be great if the text scrolled, to show the entire file name. Whether implemented automatically, or via the push of a button, it would help.

    These are just my observations as an avid fan and daily user of the app.

    Aside from the above, I just wanted to say how much I love the app, and look forward to its continued development. I use it on an iPhone 3GS in conjunction with Ubuntu. The remote has worked flawlessly with VLC through the last three major releases of the system software. It has given me the freedom to have an HTPC in my entertainment center, without the mess of wires. Plus, there's always the 'wow' factor when people see me controlling the system with my phone.

    Thanks for creating the app!
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    thanks for the post.

    I can help with the first immediately; Just head to the settings page and look for 'Skip distance' !

    re title names - have you found the 'pinch to shrink' function? If you do the pinch gesture on the playlist or browse pages, you can change the font.

    glad you like it anyway - please do leave a review at the store!
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