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    Does anyone else here feel that the Self Aware developers are ripping people off?
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    Well, it's hard to win, the odds are clearly against the player especially when the developers themselves get on the table.
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    How can a free game be a rip-off? I'm very confused.
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    The app itself is free, and they do give you 1000 free chips to get started, but, because the odds are against the player, you lose those fairly quickly, and if you want to continue to play, you need to BUY more chips. When you buy the chips, the odds are adjusted just a little, but you still eventually lose, especially when the developers play. I've lost with winning hands.
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    I see... I have never paid for chips - I refuse to pay for ANY free game, not just this one - and I have never run out of chips.

    I have lost hands, but I've never seen a glitch where I've lost when I had the best hand. If that happens, you should report it to the DEVs ASAP.
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    I've never paid for chips and my last count was about 45000 chips. Maybe you just can't play poker. p
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    Nah, don't tthink that's the problem (won 4700.) at the Hard Rock Saturday night! Anyway, I've lost with quite a few winning hands. After checking into it, it appears as though many people are experiencing the same issues.
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    Hi, there.

    So, just to be completely straightforward, we never alter the odds under any circumstances for anyone. We don't stack the deck in any way, we don't do anything that would change the odds for anyone. Ever.

    Whether you've bought chips, or not, whether you've e-mailed us, whether you've begged and pleaded, whether you're a developer or not - everyone plays with the same odds, with the same rules, dealt from the same decks in the same way.

    Since all of the purchases in-game are completely optional, the only way that people would be willing to purchase anything is if they trusted that the game is fair. We'd never do anything to betray that trust, because if we did, we'd be completely sabotaging our business.

    We can't do anything about people who are upset that they've lost. Some people will lose. That's just how it goes, and if we did anything but let them lose, we'd be cheating. Not interested in doing that. So, we've got some players who are ****ed. That's fine - but let's be honest - they've lost and are upset, and that's all it is.

    We manually check all complaints, and in the more than half a year since Card Ace launched, aside from the one bug that was introduced by a new version of webOS, we've never had an issue with the game that wasn't either a player misunderstanding a split pot, or having an incorrect understanding of the rules of poker. I don't mean to disparage anyone who's questioned the veracity of our game, because I appreciate getting the requests. After all, if there's a problem, we want to move as fast as possible to fix it.

    But I do want to make clear that the integrity of our game is paramount, and something we take very, very seriously.

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    Just pointing out the fact that I have lost many times with winning hands, that's all.
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    I must say a big thanks for the Developers getting on the forum to discuss people's problems. I have played these games myself and can attest that all seems fair. As in real life casino poker etc you will lose....ITS CALLED GAMBLING! and 90% of people going to a casino will come home broke.

    Again Thanks to SelfAwareGames for responding on our boards, shows that WebOS developers are the best around as they are very close to their fanbase.
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    If that's true, you should be providing detailed information to the games support team, not making broad accusations of intentional misconduct in open forum. :\
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeremyC View Post
    Again Thanks to SelfAwareGames for responding on our boards, shows that WebOS developers are the best around as they are very close to their fanbase.
    No problem! I've been posting here since the release of Word Ace, way back when, though mostly on the specific Word Ace & Card Ace posts in the webOS Apps Review forum.

    Always happy to answer any questions or help when I can.
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    WHOA, just stating fact. Apparently I am not the only one who has expressed such a problem. It happens, and I didn't say that it was intentional, I just asked a question in order to get input from others who may have played and experienced the same problems. Why should you take offense to the question anyway! As far as detailed information being reported to tech support, I do not maintain a log of every hand that I've played.
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    sorry op but did it ever occur to you that you are not a good poker player,lol I have had this game for quite some time now and have built my stack up very nicely with out purchasing. You got to know when to hold em,,know when to fold em,,,lolol
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    You've missed the point, it isn't losing, it's losing with the best hand on the table against someone with a losing hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrf733 View Post
    You've missed the point, it isn't losing, it's losing with the best hand on the table against someone with a losing hand.
    Like I said, I've checked into probably hundreds of complaints like this, and thus far, in every case (save for that bug introduced by a version of webOS that caused cards to display incorrectly), we haven't found any hand evaluation-related bugs. But I'm more than happy to look into them if you find something suspicious.

    Even if you don't have records of this happening before, the next time it happens, if you can send the cards you had, the hand your opponent had, your Friend Code (go to Friends -> Find New Friend, and grab the code there), and most importantly in this case, the time the hand happened (as well as your time zone), I'll be able to find the exact hand in the logs & let you know what was going on.


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