Stitcher brings in live streaming radio to Palm Pre and Palm Pixi owners. The newest version of Stitcher’s Palm webOS app embodies a considerable improvement in the way users can listen to talk radio on the move. Users can now toggle between their preferred on-demand shows and popular talk-radio stations streamed live.

In order to assist users find live feeds, exceptional locator function provides listeners with a few of the best radio stations in their geographic area. Where as a search function allows users to select popular stations broadcasted anywhere in the country. They can tune into their preferred terrestrial or Internet radio stations. This empowers users to be in any Wi-Fi or 3G enabled places around the world and still listen to those radio stations live on their Palm phone.

“The new Stitcher release unites both types of internet radio – on demand and live streaming, comments Stitcher CEO and Co-Founder Noah Shanok.

One of our goals is to give listeners more choice in both what they hear and how they access the content they want. While I’m here in San Francisco, I can enjoy some of my favorite talk-radio stations from my hometown. It’s a great addition to our on-demand offerings.”
The newest version of Stitcher for the Palm WebOS is available at the Palm App Catalog or Stitcher’s website.