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    I am using the paid version of vlc remote, couldn't get free to work and hoped that the pro would maybe work, but that didn't help.

    i followed all the troubleshooting and still no luck. I see my computer without a cone, so i can't really do much. I have reinstalled vlc, ran the set-up, and turned off my firewalls. all haven't done much for me. still the same problem.

    I can connect to my i.p. address using ping lite but only if i don't include the http:// before the address. and when i tried entering 8080, no connection at all. Localhost:8080 within my browser shows the remote like it should.

    i'm entering in correct i.p. address, disabled all firewalls during tests, and have all the latest updates.

    I can connect to my computer with off. don't see why off works and vlc remote doesn't. I figure the both would work considering they both work remotely and are made by the same developer.

    Thanks for any feedback. I use vlc all the time and would like to be able to use this app.

    I'm using this all on my ipod touch 2g with firmware 3.1.3
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    Hi Jeremy

    firstly -thanks for the detailed report on what works & doesn't. That gets us a long way to figuring this out.

    so - we know that VLC is setup correctly, and is displaying the http interface. We also know that your router's firewall is letting the ping through.
    (it is normal to ping to the address without http or 8080)

    so - it seems that something on your computer is blocking the http connection coming in on port 8080.

    I'm struggling to figure what that would be. Best guess is that it is some kind of protection software on the computer rather than the router.

    Please try
    1) disconnect your router from the internet (for safety while we test)
    2) completely turn off your firewall
    3) completely turn off any other kind of security protection apps on your computer

    try again to connect.

    this is a wierd one though - so I am clutching at straws a little...
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    i think it was a problem with windows 7. i tried it on my desktop with windows xp and it worked perfectly.

    but! the new version of vlc player and most likely because of the new version of vlc setup, i have it all up and running on my netbook and my desktop. works beautifully. i have a large monitor for my netbook that i usually watch movies and the remote helps me control everything very nicely and easily from my ipod. giving a great review on the app store. thank you!

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