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    or maybe a patch or other way to do this?

    I had the idea of a sort of txt message voicemail box the auto replies. Like this. If I turn it on while I'm driving I can set it to say " hey, I'm driving right now, I'll get back to you!"

    it will txt that to anyone that txts me while I have it turned on.

    messages can be changed to whatever and it can be turned on and off.

    so, is there already an app for this or should I suggest it to app idea box?

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    'sms auto forward/reply' in preware.
    I think more is coming for it but it has the basic functionality and works.
    I think there is a thread for it somewhere you might want to take a look at.
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    I remember BlackBerry had an app called that not only auto-replies, but also reads incoming txt and emails aloud.

    Just found this on their FAQ page:
    " is currently not available for Palm Pre phones, but will be available soon!"

    keep an eye out for that one!
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    thanks guys! Perfect.

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