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    I have a website where I like to download music strait to my device. I have been using the site for a long time and have used it on WM devices and jailbroken Iphones. I got my Pre+ about a week ago and was wanting to download some music ota strait to my phone. unfortunately, all it does is stream the music. Please tell me there is a patch that will alow ota downloads. They are standard MP3 format but all it does is stream. I have talked to our local palm rep and she says that that feature is not available. I can understand why, but I know there are others like me who want flexability. I have preware and have been using it to do things like tethering with freetetherD etc. Is there anything like dTunes for jailbroken Iphones that alows you to search any website for downloads? If there is not, that would be an awesome port to have available for the Pre and Pre+. Any advice or other ideas for making this happen? What would be involved in the actual WebOS to make it work?
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    try multi mod patch
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    Quote Originally Posted by gangland View Post
    try multi mod patch
    ^^^ Yep!!!
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    Worked like a champ! I love this community. Now is there anything that makes the phones support MP3 format? I downloaded an mp3 and it said unsupported format. So far so good though on downloads!
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    The Pre has mp3 support out of the box, maybe your dowload was corrupt.
    Also, using Internalz, you'll most likely need to rename the file, removing all the %20's and such. I downloaded Train - hey soul sister and had to rename it before it would play.

    Edit: Although I renamed the file, it was still indexed under the old long name but played fine in the Music player.
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    What websites are you using?
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    Best website out there that I've used is . I had to make sure I spelled it right. The slight change of a letter or two makes it a very inappropriate site. I've tried Beemp3 too but I found it lacking. I listen to very off the wall music and most of it is very hard to find. FT usually has it though. I'm not trying to promote filestube or anything though. Its just a great music source that I happen to use. (Dont want to get in trouble with the Moderators for promoting other sites.)

    BTW, I got the MP3s working on the phone. Everything is working awesome.
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    Interesting. Thanks for the links. I hardly download music anymore. Usually just stream it from grooveshark or pandora these days. But it nice to find a place where you can download songs though...
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