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    ... Unless that's some dev being sly..
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    Which apps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjsharksfan View Post
    ... Unless that's some dev being sly..

    Got some context?
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    It's the same old boring crap.
    I seriously doubt it's really them.
    They're in the feeds/AppScoop.
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    check out pcworld's article from yesterday re: hp and their purchase of a small linux OS
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    Yeah... that's not HP. Guess Palm forgot to install the com.hp filter eh? I forget if they are in the beta feed or the web feed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Which apps?
    in preware, there is a maze game, a paper, rock scissors game and a password generator. They are in the palm beta feed.
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    doh.. i just made a new topic, i didnt even see this one..

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