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    anyone know how it determines which of your friends' updates gets in to the feed?
    I show some similarity between the two, but there are some people's updates on one which aren't on the other, and vice versa.
    hell, my wife's updates don't even show up on my facebook app...
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    I've wondered that too, and wish the app would better mimic the news feed you get on the webpage. My two feeds seem fairly similar, but the webpage has more detail on the posts that are the same (showing the picture and some of the comments), and showing additional information about who has befriended who, etc. If I relied only on the app, I would miss some information - much of it meaningless, but you never know when there's a missed gem.
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    I think that is because facebook has 2 different feeds..

    "News" - Most commented on posts (at least from my understanding
    "Recent" the lastest posts..

    I am not sure how i get.. if you tap the word "facebook" between the world and the tiled boxes (on the right) you should get the most current feed info..

    if you tap the tiles on the right and click news you can see the news feed.
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?

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