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    I am one of those who, have been with Pre since launch day, and have followed progress. I am also someone who isn't completely under the idea, that mobile flash will be the bee's knees. However, I am a little upset that the Pre was the first device mentioned as far as flash compatible. We were also told there would be a beta for webOS users. Never got that, and now the finished product is available for download, and STILL, no webOS support. I know I'm not alone, I just wanted to vent, and I hadn't seen a thread about the news today yet.

    Adobe Flash Player 10.1 now officially available for download -- Engadget
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    Flash for mobile devices, while somewhat similar to the desktop product, is a much different animal with a different development path.
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    You act as if you didnt know they would do this its adobe they are all ways late and push the blame off on somebody eles thats why i cant wait till html 5 crushes them just have a look here and let them know that pre users are not happy about it Adobe Forums: WebOS Flash?
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    How do I get Flash on my Palm Pre? I'm confused... Is the program made or not?

    I've been trying to watch LIVE TV on ATDHE.NET, and its been telling me that I need Flash Player, and it would just have a picture of a puzzle piece!
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    ^^ Flash for webOS has not been released. Supposedly it will be soon.

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    Any word on when it will?
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    ^^Unknown. However popular speculation is soonish.

    Please refer to the below thread for "information" regarding Flash for webOS:

    Or here to talk about Flash 10.1 for Desktop Operating Systems:

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