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    I need to use this software for school, but am not sure if it will function as needed on my pixi. I would just use the free trial and try it, but I stupidly wasted that when I first got my phone. Don't want to waste $30 if it won't actually work.

    My school's instructions state the following:
    Known Limitations
    At this time, Pendragon Forms Camera, GPS and signature capture do not work in MotionApps Classic. Signature capture will appear, but the capacitive touchscreen used on the Palm Pre will not work with a stylus and will not work fast enough to make signature capture practical.

    However, there installation instructions are from before the new version of classic was released, so I am wondering if there is a way to capture signatures after the update.

    Anyone have some experience with this program?
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    Not with Pendragon specifically, but I use a few apps in Classic that really require the precision of a stylus. Even with pinch-zoom support, the screen input really limits what you can do in these apps.

    The "known limitations" most likely still apply, given that Classic doesn't include GPS or camera support and is still limited by what the touchscreen can do.

    My wish for Classic would be for them to implement a "stylus emulator" that lets you use gesture+drag to move a high-precision pointer around the screen, kind of like you can do in webOS to move the insertion point in text fields.

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