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    Fieldrunners, Tap Defense, Bloons TD, BioDefense or any good tower defense games. Defensive Warfare didn't do it for me.

    Other games would have to be Words with friends (nice to have although Word Ace is doing a superb job so i'm not missing it much), COD Zombies, flick fishing.
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    GeoDefense! Best tower defense game ever!
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    Ages of Empire, Pocket God, Sorry (with online interactivity), Street Fighter IV (iOS has it)
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    Looking forward for an update of The Settlers that adds multiplayer mode over internet connection and WiFi. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post

    (Sorry, the knockoff version doesn't quite do it for me.)
    Looking forward to Bejeweled on WebOS, too!
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    Id really like to see the Adult Swim games for iPhone ported over to WebOS

    Mostly Robot Unicorn that I may chase my dreams and fail on the go
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    I'm really looking forward to having Astraware games available on the Pre soon! There is some classic, fun stuff there that Palm users have missed! Come on Astraware!
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    Evolution RGB

    an old game i used to play on my friends itouch. so much fun. more of a entertainment than a game.

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