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    You might be interested in the update to TMaps - NY released today which includes the June and JULY 2010 subway and bus maps. There has been much publicity about these new, modernized maps (SEE NY TIMES June 1st).

    I believe this is the first mobile application which contains these new maps. In fact, they are not even on the MTA's site yet. So a first for WebOS!

    TMaps - NY is a free application which can be downloaded from the Palm App catalog.

    The new subway system map is also included in the update to TMaps - Pocket Subways also released today. This is also a free app.

    You might also want to check out TMaps - NY Closest Subway which integrated with the above two free apps. (PLUG/HINT).

    Thanks to all for your continued support.

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    How about adding maps for the NY Waterways buses in Manhatten? The ones that the ferries from Wehawken and Hoboken..etc.. use. I'm often trying to figure out the routes for these buses and the time schedules for them when taking the ferry from NJ to NY and then traveling in the city.
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    rpankoe, we'll try and get permission to use NY Waterway's maps. If we do get permission (sometimes quite hard to do) we will include their map in a future version.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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