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    At first we had no tumblr apps. No we have three.

    I bought Connor's Tumbly since I was most familiar with it (helped test it). But we also have Tumblbox and today I noticed Tumtum.

    Tumbly is speedy, but does not do video posting. It now does audio posting, but like mp3's. You can record a message to post (mic API). Tumblbox screenshots note audio posting as well but don't know it's extent.

    Tumtum does audio posting but again don't know to what extent. Screenshots of it also show video posting - a feature the other two do not have. However, the three reviews discuss the slow loading of the dashboard.

    Anyone with more experience with tumblbox and tumtum?

    I don't know. Just curious is all.

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    i created tumblbox so i know pretty much whats in and what isnt :P you can post any mp3 file on your device with tumblbox. as soon as palm opens up the mic api to developers i will put in the ability to record and then upload, having said that there are homebrew voice recorder apps that you can use to do the same thing. tumtum does not have a dashboard that shows notifications for likes/reblogs etc. the advantage of getting tumblbox is that it will auto-save your posts if you accidentally use the back gesture on a posting screen, also tumblbox has really easy reblogging
    hope that helps your decision :P
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    Audio posting is basically whatever format Palm supports. Their API provides the "filepicker" menu which already has the preset formats and such. And once the MicAPI comes out, I'll add audio-recording to Tumbly.

    (P.S: Editing posts is fixed now)
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    i'm using Tumbly but tested another one. Why is it that when you tap a zooms in, but when you want to go takes you to the top of the dashboard and not the post you were looking at???

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