From now on, there is an App in the Appcatalog of webOS called pDesigner.

The above mentioned app is developed by ART-ifact, meany me. From the motivation to make the webOS platform more interesting for the media business, this app was built.

What’s pDesigner?

It doesn’t matter if in a printing office, a media agency or simply as a hobby, pDesigner gives the opportunity to retaliate or calculate the most important Informations.

Which functions does this application have?

pDesigner gives detailed informations about the most common DIN-Formats and also informations about other formats which are often used in the pre print. Between the informations about paper formats, you can calculate the maximal printable picture size of a picture, for this you need the data of the proportions and the screen ruling which will be used for the print. To got the data size of pictures always on mind, the app can calculate the data size on Kb and Mb. To avoid unnecessary big data size of pictures after you scanned them, it’s possible to calculate the needed DPI for the scan. Last but not least, gives pDesigner the opportunity to calculate the grammage, for this you got the different formats, the declaration of the gram per m and the number of items.


pDesigner is a really helpful App for everyone who comes contacted to the print products whatsoever. For the price of 1.99 $ or 1.49 the app gives a variety of functions to make the grade of the media branch.


You can find Screenshots here.