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    Does anyone know what this app does, or what its purpose is?

    It so far only shows a unresponsive Facebook page. In Palms App store it lists as the following;

    GloeMarket is a market game that allows you view the most popular webpages in your area and bet on their popularity using fictive stocks. It is built on top of the HP Gloe geotagging system.
    The name led me to believe that it was the the same thing as HP's Gloe app thats on Android. (I recently found this after the acquisition news was annouced. (I know, I'm a dork, right?)

    On Android App Store it list like this...

    HP Gloe is a social, geo-aware browser that allows you to find, recommend and contribute arbitrary local Web content. It features a Facebook integration to filter on your friends' recommendations and to discover local and global experts. It also allows you to create geo polls on the fly. More info at Gloe.

    The one in the Palm app store is nothing like this.

    Any ideas?
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    You are right, this is a different app altogether than the HP Gloe app on the Android market. It is more in the spirit of the GeoFan, GeoSound and GeoPoll apps on the Android market. It implements a specific use case on top of the general purpose HP Gloe geotagging API.

    GloeMarket is a prediction market (see Wikipedia Prediction_market article for more info) built on top of HP Gloe.

    The idea is that you can buy and sell fictive stocks of Web pages to represent whether you think they will increase or decrease in popularity.

    In the current experimental version you need to log in with a Facebook account to get started. This could be the same account that you use with the other HP Gloe clients but does not have to be.

    For the HP Gloe POI lookup use case implemented in the Android client you can try the very crude com.hp.hpl.gloe beta app on the Palm beta webChannel.

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