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    is there an app to get a pet on your pre or to add personality to your smartphone?
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    You mean something like a virtual pet? I haven't seen one.
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    like a digipet. nintendogs...anything...imagine a dog barking to wake you up in the morning...taking it for a walk
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    I was thinking the exact same thing. Found this thread after a search but it doesn't seem to be a popular idea. Instead of a bar notification for scheduled events or alarms, maybe instead a virtual pet, robot, creature thing that pops up, even on the lock screen. Just a gimmick of course but would definitely give the ol' pre some "personality". Once we get voice control, there could be many more possibilities.
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    Where do You guys get these fascinating ideas from? I mean its interesting, and its different too. I wish someone takes up Your idea and we soon have advantage of adding up a pet personality.

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