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    You know about the "Bump App" for iPhone (where two users exchange information by bumping phones), well it's out for Android too. So Android phones can bump iPhones to exchange information.

    Vote for a WebOS version!

    If I did it right, it's at this link:
    add a palm webos version at the Bump Feedback Forum

    Failing that, it's in the feedback forum of Bump at: The Bump App for iPhone and Android | Bump Technologies, Inc.
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    Here too.
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    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    E mail This Guy and ask him to develop the Bump app for palm WebOS: <>
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Be sure to also mention the PDK and the ease that iphone developers have had in porting.
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    done on the emailing
    I love my Pre :P

    Follow me on Twitter!
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    I'm afraid my Pre would disintegrate if I bumped anything sturdy like a Droid...
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    I just voted and I also e-mailed about 2 months ago.
    I'll post the reply I received once I get to my computer.
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    I voted and tweeted to them! hopefully they do it!
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    I just voted!
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    This looks like it's been forgotten, so...


    This app is awesome, by the way. Saved me a lot of time when switching (begrudgingly) from the iPhone to a Droid Incredible.
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    I voted.
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    I emailed them. We should all do the same I'm gonna try to find them on twitter.
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    Did the vote, but now there are so many places to contact them. what is the best?
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    got this response from them on twitter: @bullonparade85 Thanks for the interest! We have a few more things to build first.
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    soon... very very soon.
    not bump app but Crosstalk Sharing

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    I'm unclear of the value proposition of bump. I'm not typically interested in sharing data that way with my friends. Please explain the use cases you folks see.
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    Done - I used to have this on my old iPhone before I switched, good app.
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