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    The MBTA apparently released a lot of bus data this week, and will release all the bus data by the end of the month. This will allow software to track the buses and trains, giving ETAs.

    I know there is an iPhone app already, so fast! Does anyone know if a Pre app is being developed?
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    There's also already an android app but I'm still waiting on the web os app also.
    Palm's motto is, "Life moves fast, don't miss a thing" Well where is my MBTA APP!? I'm missing the bus!
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    I've been waiting on this since day 1. In the old days there was a Palmos App, and it worked well. The ear speaker died in my Pre two days ago, and now I'm torn about the Epic 4g. I think I may pop out after dinner and take the plunge, having T app will make it that much easier.
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    The T just released tracking data for all subway lines except the green.
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    I really would like this as well. I came across a similar App for the Chicago transit system called Chicago Bus Tracker. If anybody knows how to get in contact with the developer, perhaps someone could ask if he could make one for the MBTA.

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    Is there some interest in a MBTA tracker app or now all possible users are gone to android and iPhone? :-)
    If there is some interest I try to build a tracker app, but I'm not from Boston, so this could be a handicap...
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    That would be fantastic. i think many people would benefit from it.
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    I know I'd love an MBTA Tracker app on WebOS!
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    I had some time and started to develop a little bus tracker for MBTA.
    Takes this pictures only as FIRST ALPHA release, there is absolutely no styling done. First function, than design ;-)

    What do you think?

    Currently missing:
    - GPS nearby station finder
    - colors for each route, pretty hard to fetch on MBTA

    Any suggestions so far, features of course :-)

    But I'm also happy if a CSS guy pings me about a cool styling
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    rretsiem this looks great! are you planning on using the google maps api?
    I'm looking forward to this app. Let me know if I can help beta test.
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    Yes, thanks so much. It looks like you made great progress. I can also help you with testing this as well.

    BTW, the MBTA has an App Showcase for all available MBTA related apps so when you are ready to release this, you can make it available here. > Online Trip Planning Tools

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