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    Hey all, it's me again. I finally got my pre in and i'm loving all the cool stuff it can do. While my wife and I were at dinner I downloaded a game called Word Ace because we love word games. She has a game called words with friends that is highly addictive on her iPhone and we play all the time. Anyway, this word ace game is like scrabble texas hold em style and she watched as I was playing. As soon as I got up she snatched the phone and played throughout dinner. She also commented on how nice the phone was. We took turns playing as one til my battery died so I decided to see if this game was available for her phone and it was. I was really surprised that I was able to add her as my friend and we played on the same server on the same table with other online players.

    I just wanted to know if there were other apps that iphone and pre owners can play together that anyone can recommend? We sat in the car playing for over 2hours cuz we were enjoying ourselves and got a tad competitive with one another. By the time we were done my battery was fully charged in the car lol
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    N.O.V.A-First Person Shooter Online
    Modern Combat-FPS Online
    Word Ace
    Thats all I can think of
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    Hey, RumpRoast - glad you're enjoying Word Ace. I dunno if you've already figured it out, but our other games (Card Ace: Hold 'Em & Card Ace: Blackjack) are both cross-platform multiplayer, as well.

    On top of playing with friends on the iPhone, you can also play with friends on Facebook - and coming soon, you'll be able to play friends with Android devices, too! (Blackjack's due out in a few weeks, with Card Ace: Hold 'Em & Word Ace following after...)

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    Try Pickup Sport, it is running on both Android and WebOS.

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