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    Where exactly do you find the notification from a friend request? I have gotten an alert on my phone regarding a friend request,went to face book and I can't find a request from anyone. Do anyone know where to find this message on face book beta.
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    I can't seem to download this from the beta feed just stalls out????
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    OK guys I need some help with this question.

    First the question probably doesn't even belong on Precentral but the main reason I'm asking here first is that the Facebook App for WebOS is brought something very scary to my attention.

    I recently had an issue with someone using my account on Facebook to send out some SPAM messages. I'm still waiting back from Facebook to reply.

    But something more scary happened.

    I sent someone a private message using Facebook (on the PC) and in that message I told that person to use either of 2 email address of mine.

    One was an email that I have in my account on Facebook.

    The other was an email that I don't usually give out to anyone but personal friends.

    Looking at the message from Facebook everything looks normal.


    But looking at that same message from the Facebook App on my Pre (version 1.2.3 and 1.2.1) I get:

    Example: bobbyl@clf.http/;

    What the heck is facebook inserting and then masking into my private emails?

    I do have some screen shots of this saved if someone wants to look at them for proof.

    And it was done in several messages.

    To be sure that Facebook was doing it, I even sent a test message to see if I could reproduce it.

    So that insertion of data is only happening with email addresses that I did not give to facebook in my profile?

    Is facebook stealing email addresses?

    Thank you!

    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
    - Palm Pre (Sprint) - formally Palm Treo 650
    Sprint Configuration 2.3
    Model: P100EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware: CC1.4(510)

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    Nothing Nothing Nothing Happens when I try to download FB 1.2.5, just get a downloading bar but NOTHING happens...... ? What's wrong?
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