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    Hey everyone,

    Just got Radio Hibiki and I was wondering what people's favorite stations were? There's a lot of stations out there and I'm having trouble finding one I like so I want to see what everyone else is listening to.
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    I've been listening to Radio Wazee for years. (
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    Thanks guys, I also listen to a lot of different stuff and I can go from Thursday to Gaga to Aerosmith to Jpop pretty quickly, so I am open to all suggestions! It's a big, big app and I have never used Shoutcast before, so I am still feeling my way around.
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    The Orange Radio Room
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    Shoutcast... Groovesalad
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    Okay I added like almost all of these! It's pretty efficient once you get the hang of it, I just haven't listened to real radio in many years and was kind of getting spoiled by "input a song you like and we'll take care of the rest"
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    - radio paradise
    - awesome 80's
    - The Office
    - Every now and then, I'll fire up something from SomaFM. GrooveSalad, etc.

    Used to use club 977, but their commercial/content is getting ridiculous and repetitive.
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