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    There haven't been any new games from them in a while. What's going on? They used to release a couple new games every week now it's nothing.

    I went to their website last night and there is all types of new games...for that other phone. Titles like*Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction,*Zombie Infectio, Iron Man 2,*Brothers In ArmsŪ 2: Global Front and some other titles. What's going on? I'm ready to spend money!*
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    My guess is they are waiting to see the outcome of the Palm/HP merge, or Palm was paying them to convert their games and that budget dried up.
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    Global front game is here already. I'm halfway done.
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    remember there was a 2 week break from games before brothers in arms 2? it might take longer to port the newer games! Anyway, its been two weeks since the last time, so we might get a newer title!
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    my guess is they're are already working on using 1.4.5, so I imagine you'll see some soon after the update.
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    Frantid's guess is a good one
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    I just want something soon!
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    Didnt Blades of Fury come out just 2 weeks ago? And shortly before that Was Brothers in Arms 2 so I dont think they are that much off track............hopefully we'll see some new ones soon, my money is ready
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    I think i may have already answered this in a similar thread.. (and as answered it, i mean given my dumb personal opinion which i see as the word of god, but anyways..)

    3d games where high demand, and they sold, and where well worth the cost of porting them.. I think it has reached a point where users don't want new games as badly as they use to. Most users aren't waiting on the release of a new games, they are satisfied with the content out already. Once palm releases a new device, and gets some sales, they'll make more games. They will still most likely continue support for the platform till then, just at a much slower rate.

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