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    NaNplayer is an upcoming music app for WebOS. It is quite simply the best music app on WebOS. 300 beta testers agree it's the best music app they've tried and one of the best apps of any kind on WebOS.

    While I wait for Palm to let me publish it to the app catalog(likely this fall), I'd like to invite active PreCentral members to try it out as part of the ongoing private beta program.

    If you are interested in participating, please send me a PM for registration details.

    The only requirement is that you be an active member of the WebOS community. Your PreCentral account must be at least one month old and you must have a minimum of 10 forum posts. The idea here is to give precedence to established members of the community. Of course, the PreCentral staff and moderators are invited as well.

    You can read and see more about NaNplayer in the following thread or by visiting the links in my sig.
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    Would you be able to put it in Preware if Palm won't let you put it in the app catalog yet?
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    For now, plans for homebrew are on hold until I get a response from Palm about whether they'll allow it to release before fall.

    In the meantime, I've opened up the beta so established PreCentral users can get their hands on the app. I have my reasons for not wanting to go homebrew with this just yet.
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    Does it install through WOSQI ?
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Thanks for all your hard work! Sending my pm now
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    Yes. Testers can use the SDK Palm-Install or WOSQI.

    If testers do use WOSQI, I would ask that if they haven't already, they consider kicking a small donation to its developers. There is no need for donations for NaNplayer.
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    App looks cool, Pm'd, meet reqs including 2X contributor to WOSQI.
    Thanks to all who donate to our community.
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    I would love to add another data point to your Nanplayer Beta. Sent the PM
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    I've been a member here for almost a year and consider myself pretty active. I'd like to help you beta NaNplayer
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    it's well worth getting in now....million times better than the stock app!
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    LOL. I take a nap and when I wake up, my PM inbox is bursting with messages.

    Thanks for the request folks. Keep em coming.

    Please make sure to submit requests via private message.
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    This is great folks! Worth the weight in gold!
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Oh man. This app rules. The UI is FAST FAST FAST. Only just now started messing with it, but so far I'm completely sold.
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    LOL. That was quick. You just downloaded it like a half hour ago

    This app was written completely from scratch using zero code from Palm's abomination of a music app. I was very focused on making it highly optimized for speed. I think that shows through in the performance of the app.

    One of the beta testers told me that it even ran well on his UNDERCLOCKED Pre running at 250mhz. I knew it was fast, but that just blew me away.
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    Last call for beta requests for tonight. I've sent out a bunch of invites. If I missed you, please remind me via PM.

    You can still submit a request. I'll send out more invites tomorrow.
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    If you're waiting on a beta invite or for you registration to be activated, it's going to be at least a few days. Lighting hit our roof last night and toasted all my networking gear and a bunch of other stuff.

    I know there's a bunch of you waiting on these, so sorry for the wait. It will be well worth it though.
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    wow that stinks does insurance cover that?
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    Yes, but it's less than $1k so it's not worth filing a claim. I had someone look at the dryer and they claim it's OK. Not sure I believe that though.

    I exchanged my modem at lunch for free and just picked up a new wireless router, so I should be back in business tonight.

    I'll try to do some invites tonight, but I'm beat.
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    I'd like to test this out if you've got space available.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, man! It's a tragedy, but at least it was only replaceable equipment, and no one was hurt. I've lost 2 PCs to power surges from storms... one was totally irrecoverable. It sucks..

    I'm sorry to bug you again with yet another PM, but I'll send another. Thank you for replying to my last one today, I know you're very busy and can't reply to everyone! I'm not sure if I should send another in response to this thread, now. I know your inbox must be blowing up already, I don't want to make more of a mess for ya when it's not necessary! I'd love to try it out on my girlfriend's uberkernel'd Pixi, as well~
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