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    Thanks. That happened two months ago. The only out of pocket for me ended up being a new wifi router and some minor repairs to the stove and the dryer. My service provider replaced the modem for free and Altec Lansing was kind enough to send me a new power adapter for my speakers for free. I'm just glad my new Core i7 beast of a PC was intact. Shelling out another 1,500 bones for a new one would have sucked.
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    BTW, for those that are registered testers, there is a new version out with lots of new features. People seem to be very excited about the new dashboard look. Testers have been tweeting screenshots of their favorite color schemes. Here are a few.

    The testers are really loving the new NaNplayer dashboard. I like seeing all the different color schemes that people are using. I asked the testers to tweet their favorite color schemes. Here are a few

    For those waiting on a beta invite, I hope to send out a new round within the next week or so. There are literally hundreds of requests, so please be patient.
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    Looks great! I'm still patiently waiting for my beta invite
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    Blubble, I'm a current beta tester but lost the link to the site to access the ipkg. Any help?
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    Sent you a PM with your info.
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    looks awesome, can't wait to test it out. patiently waiting for my beta invite
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    Dashboard notification looks awesome. Im also waiting patiently for my beta invite too
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    I have tried twice to PM Blubble but I show no indication that it sent. My sent folder still shows 0. Any ideas?

    -if it isn't obvious I would like to participate in the beta..

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    Looks like a vast improvement over the native music app. Please put me in line for a beta invite.
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    @Ty Don't worry. Your PMs have gone through. The PM system doesn't save your sent messages unless you specifically choose that option in the site preferences.
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    @Courousant Send me a PM and I'll put you in the queue for an invite.
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    This app looks terrific. I can't wait to test it out.
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    I'm curious... After the NaNplayer is installed could one remove the stock music app, after switching the defaults for music files to NaNplayer if one knows how? OR is that app known to be absolutely necessary?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post

    Sent you a PM with your info.
    i lost the link to the site to access the ipk too =(
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    how did i miss this thread!!? i would have loved to beta this. hopefully palm allows this app soon
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    Can I get an invite, too?
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    Anyone that wants an invite needs to send a PM. I won't go scouring through these threads looking for requests.
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    si que tiene buena pinta blubble.
    estoy impaciente poder probarlo
    de vuelta de vacaciones echare un vistazo a mi correo a ver si papa noel se ha adelantado.
    un saludo
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    Ja Ja. Veremos hermano. Tratare de enviar una nueva ronda de invitaciones cuanto antes, pero come se dice vulgarmente, últimamente ando pa' arriba y pa' abajo como calzón de puta No me queda tiempo para nada.

    Te cuento que hace poco volvieron mis hijos de la madre patria y he estado comiendo turrón como condenado
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    hey blubble i sent u a pm but idk if u got it or not because the msg isnt in my sent folder
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