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    I new round here and reading up ahead of my Palm Pre purchase. I have tried not to post and instead do a search of the forums to find answers, but I'm stuck....

    Is there an App (Full or Homebrew), patch or a current setting within the Pre to enable me to add my own different sound notifications whenever i receive sms, voicemail, calendar alerts or emails?

    This is a feature I've used on all my phones and have a number of established/familiar sounds I'd like to use.

    Any pointers on this would be great

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    sms, calendar alerts and emails have the option within the preference screen of each app. THe sounds can be what you like I have the jetson for my global text message but with teh sms per contact I am able to set individual tones for each contact. Not sure about voicemail I use google voice so i don't get voicemail alerts. With the Pre you will either love it or hate it. I am one of the ones that love it and have had several of my teachers buy one based on my recommendations.

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