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    World cup is on its way and for those that purchased the World cup app it will be useless for 4 years so who would like to see an app that was for the World Cup but then was updated with domestic teams for use after?

    It could be an app country specific or an app that lets you decide what teams from the US, UK and Europe etc you want to follow?
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    Back of the net,in preware has all premiership teams and some spl teams,
    and best of all it's free.
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    An app with an all in one approach would be better and also one that included the Euro instead of having to have different apps to cover different events?
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    This Dev has some very impressive sports apps and he is looking at doing an app for the UK. Look at the link where you can see his other apps and tell him you would like to see one and he will get on it.

    Cant find the Back Of The Net app after i removed it due to it crashing on me and not showing the scores.
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