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    so o logged off my facebook app and now it doesn't let me logg in >:/ this is so annoying! palm and facebook better fix this. Anyone else having this problem? Or have a solution?
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    Glad you made this thread! Not sure if the two are directly related but I've been having the same issue with my facebook chat on my Pre! I haven't been able to sign in all day.
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    I'm not having this issue? I just tried and all is working as expected. Try turning off wifi to see if that's an issue.
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    Yeah the facebook app wasnt working for me earlier today, but it seems now it works fine. Tweetme wasnt connecting either, but I could browse Facebook's mobile site fine...
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    it's working fine now but I had to uninstall the app and restart my phone now it lets me loggin but this is a problem though I heard of others not being able to sign in at all.

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